News & Updates

3/30/2021 - New Planned Breeding!

We plan to breed our guardian girl, Tamale (red abstract out of Sapphire& Peyton) to our boy Cairo in May! We have a limited number of openings for this litter and expect reds  and red and white partis.

3/27/2021 - Denali had 3 puppies!

Denali and Gatsby had 3 brown puppies. 2 girls and 1 boy! Our first miniature poodles - they are not avaiable. 

3/21/2021 - Salem had 6 puppies! 

Salem and Porter had 6 puppies in red and black. There are currently no puppies available. 

2/28/2021 - Tula earned her CHAMPION title, two BOB and two GR 3 Placements and a GRCH leg in Elberton GA!

11/17/20 - New PLANNED BREEDINGS! Paradise and Denali will be bred in January.

Check out our Planned Breedings and Available Puppies  pages. Paradise will be bred to Cairo (pending final health testing) and Denali will be bred to Gatsby (pending final health testing.) 

11/16/20 - Denali earned her GRAND CHAMPION TITLE in Athens, TN! 

9/8/20 - Sapphire had 7 puppies!

9/4/20 - Salem had 9 Puppies!

6/28/20 - New PLANNED BREEDINGS! Salem & Sapphire are in season!

Check out our Planned Breedings and Available Puppies page! Salem will be bred to Cairo and Sapphire will be bred to Porter. Currently, we only have openings for SOLID RED pups from Sapphire & Porter.

6/1/20 - Salem, Cairo, Denali and Porter passed OFA Eye Exams!

We have three new FULLY health tested dogs! Yahoo! Just a few more tests for Denali!

5/13/20 - Salem & Cairo passed their OFA hips and elbows exams! 

Salem and Cairo were both rated OFA "fair" hips and OFA "normal" elbows.

5/1/20 - Pixie had NINE puppies!! 

Pixie and Peyton are the proud new parents of 3 girls and 6 boys! They are all red parti in color. All of these puppies are currently spoken for. Please contact me for details on my waiting list if you are interested in a puppy. This is Pixie's LAST litter! 

2/25/20 - Salem had FIVE puppies!!

Salem and Seattle are the proud new parents of 1 black parti boy, 1 solid black girl, 1 red part girl, and 2 red abstract girls! FUN litter with lots of variety! We currently have the male spot open and 3 female spots!

2/23/20 - Sapphire had ELEVEN puppies!!

Sapphire & Peyton are the proud new parents of 5 red parti girls, 2 red abstract girls and 4 red parti boys. We currently have spots open for girls from this litter!

1/21/20 - Did someone say puppies?!

We are expecting TWO gorgeous litters next month. Reds and red and white parties are due from Sapphire and Peyton on 2/23/20. Salem and Seattle are expecting reds, red and white partis, blacks, and black and white partis on 2/28/20. Check out our Available Puppies page for details about our waiting list.

10/30/19 - We have litters planned for spring!

Check out our Litter Plans page for details. We plan to have red and white partis and solid reds in the spring!

10/07/19 - We had a singleton! 

Pixie and CH Valentino gave us a beautiful cream singleton girl on 10/7/19! We are keeping her and named her Wanderlust Life Imitates Art "Bel Air" - we do not plan to repeat the breeding.

7/21/19 - Molly is available!! 

A beautiful dark red girl out of Sapphire/Peyton's Shades of Blue Litter has become available. She is crate, leash and potty trained. She sits and downs on command. Very sweet girl! Check out our "Available Puppies" page for info on Molly!

4/1/19 - Pixie had 7 puppies!!! 

We are proud to announce that Pixie whelped 7 gorgeous red parti babies on Monday evening - all red parti with TONS of gorgeous color! We have two girls and one boy available for deposit with 3 total girls and 4 total boys born. Please see her litter page for more details!

3/4/19 - Pixie was confirmed pregnant!!

Pixie's ultrasound confirmed she is pregnant with 7 puppies today! She is due April 5th! We are expecting all red and apricot parti puppies.

2/19/19 - Sapphire had TEN puppies!!!

Sapphire whelped 10 gorgeous babies in red parti and red abstract. We have 8 girls and 2 boys. Both boys are red parti, 5 girls are red parti, and 3 girls are red abstract. Please view her litter page for more details.

1/25/19 - Pixie was bred to Peyton!

Pixie has been bred to a beautiful red parti boy named Peyton and is hopefully expecting an entire litter of red and apricot partis on March 25th. We will confirm via ultrasound in late February! Stay tuned for details.

1/21/19 - Sapphire was confirmed pregnant!

Sapphire had an ultrasound on the 21st and was confirmed pregnant with at least 8 puppies. This litter was sired by a red parti boy named Peyton and we are expecting a beautiful litter due on February 22nd! 


Our Approach

At Wanderlust Poodles we strive to produce the perfect pet for your family. Our dogs are part of our home life, our family, and hold a special place in my heart and I hope your puppy from us will be the same for you - a family member. Our dogs sleep in the bed, go to work with me at the groom shop, whelp and raise their puppies in our home (beside my bed..) and do everything with us from parades to festivals to walks in the park! They are our beloved pets first and foremost! I have a special interest in conformation shows, so my dogs are shown and titled in UKC reaching champion and sometimes even grand champion titles! I have totally enjoyed learning to groom them for show and love the special time I get to spend with them during maintenance grooming in between shows!  Not only are our pets beautiful show dogs but they are also healthy and proven to be so before being bred. We check for things like VWB, DM, NEWS, PRA PRCD, hip and elbow displaysia, cataracts, and cardiac and thyroid issues! If you have any questions about testing on any of our dogs - just shoot me a message and I will be happy to share! Last but not least, temperament is a VERY big deal to me! Our dogs are loving, sweet and intelligent. They are willing to please as any poodle should be! I strive to produce a medium energy, biddable and sweet puppy for your family to enjoy. Because we love our puppies we do not believe in tail docking or dew claw removal - so all of our puppies are left NATURAL. I hope you enjoy looking at our dogs and puppies on our website - please feel free to contact us when you are ready to bring home your very own Wanderlust Standard Poodle Puppy!


How Our Puppies Are Raised

From conception our puppies are raised in love. We carefully plan each breeding based on the structure, temperament, health and diversity of their parents. Once a litter is planned and our girl comes in season, we either take her to the stud or the stud may come to us. Once our girl has been bred, we then do an ultrasound at 4 weeks to confirm her pregnancy. At 4 weeks when pregnancy is confirmed we then take deposits to be on our waiting list based on how many we saw on the ultrasound. At 8 weeks we take our girl for an X-Ray to get an official count and make sure all is going well. Finally the day comes and we whelp her puppies in a 4ft by 4ft whelping box that sits right next to my bed. I get down in the box with her and help her every step of the way and breathe life into every puppy (sometimes quite literally.) I go above and beyond to make sure puppies are healthy and off to a good start and do everything possible to see them make it to maturity. For the next 4 weeks, mother and puppies are in my bedroom with me so that I can watch over them and attend to them. Then the next 5 weeks are spent in our extra bedroom where we have a weaning pen set up across from our adult dogs' crates. This is where they will be introduced to many firsts including their first meal, crate, toys, water, and litter pan. This is when the hard work starts as puppies start eating more solid food and less milk. Mom stops cleaning up after them and so my poop scooping days begin! We teach puppies to use a litter pan with alfalfa grass pellets in it to begin the potty training process and get them accustomed to wanting to potty on the grass. At 5 weeks they get to start exploring the outside world in their out door puppy pen for a few hours a day (weather permitting). This is where they experience more firsts including their first tunnel, wobble board, raised dog bed, dog house and in the summer, water to play in! By 7 weeks old they are happily spending most of their day outside enjoying the fresh air and sleeping inside in their nice clean puppy pen next to the big dogs. At 9 weeks they visit our amazing vet Dr. Porrier at Town & Country Veterinary Services in Dumas, AR for their well puppy exams before going on to their forever homes. We do not ship our puppies via air cargo but we do have delivery options available. Puppies can be picked up in person at our home or salon, we can meet you half way or deliver your puppy to you via car for the cost of expenses, or you can fly in to take your puppy home in cabin. I can also fly your puppy to your nearest airport in cabin with me at the buyer's expense. No puppy shall be transferred prior to our contract and health guarantee being signed with the original document in my hands. Please click here to view our contract and guarantee. 

Puppy Grooming Schedule 

It is important for puppies to begin grooming early in life so that they become accustomed to all of the sounds and experiences that come along with it with confidence. Grooming can be scary for a puppy if they've never been through it and for this reason we start our puppies at the tender age of just 3 weeks old. Below is our schedule that we follow for every litter.

  • 1 Week: Toenail grinding
  • 2 Weeks: Toenail grinding
  • 3 Weeks: Toenail grinding, face shave, sanitary/tail shave.
  • 4 Weeks: Toenail griding, feet shave, bath, blow dry.
  • 5 Weeks: Toenail grinding, face shave, sanitary/tail shave, bath, blow dry.
  • 6 Weeks: Toenail griding, feet shave, bath, blow dry.
  • 7 Weeks: Toenail grinding, face shave, sanitary/tail shave, bath, blow dry.
  • 8 Weeks: Toenail griding, feet shave, bath, blow dry.
  • 9 Weeks: Toenail grinding, face shave, feet shave, sanitary/tail shave, bath, blow dry.

Puppy Vaccine Schedule

Because we live in a high risk area to parvo and distemper we feel like protecting our puppies from these deadly illnesses have to be a top priority. For this reason we implement an early vaccine schedule with vaccines that are made to over ride the mother's antibodies and start providing protection sooner. 

  • 4 Weeks: NeoPar (parvo)
  • 5 Weeks: NeoVac Da2 (distemper, adenovirus)
  • 6 Weeks: NeoPar (parvo)
  • 8 Weeks: Solojec 5-way (parvo, distemper, adenovirus, corona virus, influenza) 

Once puppies go to their new homes we do NOT recommend a vet visit until their next vaccine which should be at 11-12 weeks! At this time we recommend a 5-way vaccine. Please do not give rabies until at least 16 weeks and never at the same time with other vaccines!

We proudly feed Purina Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages to all of our puppies and adults.